An important part of a successful law firm is a strong paralegal program.  The Firm employs a three-tiered program consisting of paralegals, senior paralegals and paralegal specialists.  Hollingsworth LLP recognizes the true value of a paralegal program.  Paralegals are a key part of the reason our lawyers are able to serve clients in an efficient, cost-effective manner.


Candidates with little or no paralegal experience typically fill these entry-level positions.  Many are recent college graduates who are considering law school or graduate school, but don't want to do so immediately.  Other candidates include those individuals who are interested in pursing a career as a paralegal and who would like training and experience.  All entry-level paralegals benefit from learning the practical aspects of litigation, including deposition and trial preparation, document management, cite-checking and research.

Senior Paralegals

Senior paralegals have at least three years of experience as a paralegal.  Senior paralegals are given an opportunity for significant responsibility and professional growth.  Our senior paralegals customarily have case management and supervisory responsibilities, perform factual and legal research, cite-checking, and often assist at hearings, depositions and trials.

Paralegal Specialists

Paralegal Specialists are valued employees who have demonstrated exceptional performance and have at least five years of experience as a paralegal.  Paralegal Specialists serve as case managers and are recognized for their leadership and supervisory ability.

Training and Professional Development

All paralegals receive comprehensive training.  Some examples for paralegals include document management, document database technology, research, and cite-checking.   We regularly schedule in-house training and group round-table discussions.

Senior paralegals and paralegal specialists are encouraged to participate in professional associations.  The Firm pays dues for approved associations.

If you have additional questions or are interested in pursuing a paralegal career at Hollingsworth LLP, please email [email protected].