Our attorneys have substantial experience representing the interests of financial institutions, their shareholders and their directors and officers in litigation of all kinds.  We have handled a variety of litigation for banks and savings associations in state and federal courts and before administrative forums.  We also have represented officers, directors and shareholders of financial institutions in connection with civil, White-Collar Criminal and administrative litigation and investigations.  We have extensive knowledge of and experience with the business and operations of financial institutions.

In high-profile Federal Claims litigation involving government contracts with financial institutions, Winstar v United States, we obtained favorable rulings for our client from the Court of Federal Claims, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court, rulings that held the government liable for breaching its contract with our client that had acquired a troubled thrift in return for regulatory capital treatment of its resulting goodwill.  The Firm's Winstar-related work on behalf of financial institution interests is extensive and ongoing, and our attorneys also are pursuing related, non-Winstar claims on behalf of shareholders of failed institutions and other clients for just compensation based on unlawful "regulatory takings" by the federal government.

As members of an all-litigation firm, our attorneys also work closely with financial institutions and their regulatory counsel (inside or outside the institution) to defend the conduct of the institutions and their officials or to pursue damages claims on behalf of an injured financial institution.  We also follow closely the developments of federal regulatory issues that affect financial institutions and their competitors.  For example, Hollingsworth LLP filed amicus curiae briefs on behalf of a financial institution client in support of the Federal Home Loan Bank system's mortgage partnership program, which had been challenged by certain competitors of the institutions utilizing the program. In another amicus curiae filing, the Firm's client supported the American Bankers Association's challenge to the National Credit Union Administration's expansive interpretation of credit union membership rules.

The Firm's attorneys have represented shareholders, officers, directors and borrowers of financial institutions (both open and closed) in connection with civil litigation brought by the FDIC and the former RTC and in administrative enforcement proceedings initiated by the federal banking agencies.  We also have extensive knowledge and experience with the receivership rules and procedures of the FDIC regarding closed financial institutions.

We train our newer attorneys in both the substance of banking law and the litigation process, and our legal assistants and financial analyst assigned to this practice are familiar with the types of documents likely to be involved in financial institution litigation.  We also employ when appropriate the latest litigation-support technology to assist with such cases.