Ours is a "classic" government contract practice, classic in its depth back to the 1960s and in its breadth. We cover all federal, state and local government procurement issues.  We also work with private contractors at any tier under a government contract.

We have handled cost allowability issues on major systems cost reimbursement research contracts. We led the way in defining the boundaries of government defective pricing claims.  We uncover and pursue constructive changes under fixed price contracts for supplies, services, and construction that involve defective government furnished date packages and improper government interference.  We negotiate the settlement of claims.  We litigate the resolution of disputes, in formal proceedings and in Alternative Dispute Resolution.  We represent contractors in any industry in suits against governments.  We also handle cases involving problems between contractors under government prime contracts.

Lately, we are handling more and more protests.  Every working day, we advocate our clients' positions before the General Accounting Office, the Court of Federal Claims and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Although we may tell our clients to save their money, we may also agree a protest has merit.  We prosecuted a protest which became a landmark decision for preventing the federal government from making a sole source contract award.   We also defend successful awardees in court.

Our practice also is non-traditional.  We sue the federal government for breach of any contract and for the unconstitutional taking of property, as more fully described on the Federal Claims page.  We handle import/export controls matters, protection of trade secrets and federal government misuse of proprietary data. We prosecuted a landmark case involving the federal government's misappropriation of a contractor's unsolicited proposal to revolutionize aircraft navigation.  Our practice also capitalizes on the Firm's complementary expertise in White-Collar Defense work, including investigations, suspension and debarment proceedings, audits and compliance review issues.