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Hollingsworth LLP Sets Record for Donations to 2022 Making Justice Real Campaign

The Firm is proud to announce that our employees' generosity met and exceeded this year's fundraising and participation goals for donations to Legal Aid's Making Justice Real campaign.  

The Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia, which relies almost entirely on private sources of income to raise its annual budget, works hard to ensure that its clients have fair and equal access to justice, which can often be life-changing for the people they represent. 

More than 110,000 people, roughly 20% of DC residents, live below the federal poverty line. As a result of rapid changes in the District’s housing and development patterns, life has become more difficult for these individuals and families. The cost of living has increased and the shortage of affordable housing is acute. The number of neighborhoods in which poor and moderate income families can live has shrunk, economic integration has declined, and the concentration of poverty has increased. The Making Justice Real Campaign brings together thousands of people in support of its mission to make justice real in individual and systemic ways for people living in poverty in Washington, DC.  Hollingsworth LLP is proud to join with many in the DC legal community to highlight and support that mission.